Love Island faces backlash on dramatizing Jordan’s confession

Love Island 2019 ana and jordan

In the latest episode of Love Island, we have seen Jordan confessing to dump Anna over India. The sneak-peak bites have caused massive havoc in the Island villa, leading to Anna’s brutal outcry over Jordan’s cunning shades.

Jordan’s true face of faking a relationship with Anna came just a few days after they officially came as a couple. 

Love Island stirs another controversy

Love Island faces backlash on fake relationships


Jordan has mistakenly revealed to Curtis about dumping Anna for being too ‘unpopular’ to win the lucrative prizes. He then struggled to set her eyes off from India and reverted to pull her for a private chat.

However, Jordan had to bite a bullet after Anna found about his real intentions. Although, Jordan didn’t show signs of being browbeaten while dumping Anna. But some sources have unveiled another side of the story.
A few show trackers have claimed about Jordan being forced to leave Anna so as he can flirt with India.

Obviously, the producers wanted some spiced up drama for good, handsome TV ratings. And who else could be fortunate enough beside Jordan to favor Love Island?

Are Jordan and Anna faking it?

Since the stirring tensions between Amber Gill and Michael Griffiths have resolved, the makers were keen on finding something explosive and stunting enough.
They knew that Anna was a fierce lady who would surely retaliate back after Jordan’s mistreats.

Love Island faces backlash on dramatizing Jordan's confession

picture: THE SUN

However, the trick boosted up the TRP of Love Island for a while. But the show has surely left all the fans cringing over the completely contrived concept of the show.
Although, the show’s spokespersons have ruthlessly denied all upfront allegations.

“The contestants’ opinions and everything that’s ongoing in their relationship are only and only in control of the Islanders ­themselves.”

Anna and Jordan’s relationship has been cliffhanging after Love Island’s latest night scenes. It will be stupefying to see if Anna gives a second goddamned chance to her lover boyfriend, Jordan.

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