Love Island Season 5: Higgins most hated for shaming Curtis for sex denial

Love Island Season 5 Maura criticizes Curtis for not having sex

Love Island Villa fans fume over Maura Higgins for criticizing Curtis Pritchard for denying her sex. Well, the outspoken, 28year old Islander lamented to her friend Molly-Mae about wanting “an orgasm not a coffee”, a few hours after her partner, Curtis denied her attempts to take their relationship to another level.

Maura Higgins has displeased the audience previously too!

Maura criticizes Curtis for not having sex.

Well, looks like the pretty islander hasn’t faced rejection the first time though. If you may remember the time when she made her advancements towards Tommy Furry. Well, as the Irish star stepped into the Love Island villa she transfixed her eyes on the hunk, Tommy Furry, who was still deciding between Maura and Molly. So during the time, Maura tried to kiss the boxer who turned her down.

However, this too called for a lot of backlash from the viewers then. Most of them request to throw the star out of the show. And to our surprise, the incident led to Ofcom receiving around 500 complaints on the same.

The second time she caught our attention was when she quickly coupled with Curtis as soon as Amy quit the show. It appeared that the ring star had been waiting for that. Hence, when Amy was out of her way, she made her way straight into Curtis’s arms claiming she had liked him from the time she arrived at the villa.

However, the Love Island fans did not like her here, and she was labelled having double standards.

Looks as if the pretty face has been catching the audience’s eyes but not so much for the pretty reasons.

Curtis’s Response after Maura’s criticism?

Maura criticizes curtis for not having sex

Curtis’s gave his headache as a reason for it not being the night for them. Further, he added that he was disturbed with what went down with Anna and Jordan and hence didn’t feel like doing it. However, he also expressed how he too wants to have his fantasies come alive in bed with her.

Moreover, feeling guilty for having denied his lady, Curtis offered to make her coffee in the morning. Well, that wasn’t well-received by Maura after what went last night between them. She also confessed that she is losing her patience because she’s a horny devil. Further to which she added that she’ll keep trying as there are only a few days left.

Love Island Fans react to the Bedtime Story

Maura criticizes Curtis for not having sex

Well, the fans rewarded Maura with the same reaction as the previous time. Some even went as far as calling her worse than Curtis who was earlier looked upon as a Fuck Boy in Amy’s case. Fans criticised her for shamming Curtis for the simple reason of not wanting to have sex.

OPINION: if the roles were switched between Curtis and Maura, it would be extremely inappropriate for Curtis to complain about not having sex with Maura just because he’s horny. This is getting toxic, if it was switched, Curtis would be on fire. But Maura is not being criticised. from LoveIslandTV

The Ring girl’s predatory behaviour gave rise to public slamming her. A fan remarked,

Imagine if a bloke was kicking off at women the way Maura did at Curtis for not wanting to have sex on national TV. It’s called having some respect for yourself. There really is something predatory about Maura.

Labelled ‘Predatory’ for her advances, it’ll be fun to see what happens next with Maura and Curtis. Will, she wins her fans back or will head out of the villa?

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