Love Island season 5 witnesses fake relationships as Jordan dumps Anna

Love Island faces backlash on fake relationships

I have a question here to deal with. Are the next gen reality shows going to be as real as today’s ones? Because this very time we are dealing with shows that portrays relationships especially Love Island season 5 where people fall in love, out of choices not by chances. They have to love another so as to win a bountiful sum of money and loathing awards. Whoa!

Love Island season 5 witnesses fake relationships as Jordan dumps Anna


All these by-choice encounters also happen on Love Island where contestants suddenly start feeling for each other deeply and that too, just before a few weeks of finale eliminations.

Only the makers of Love Island season 5 can come up with a so-generic concept of fooling people around and tricking them to believe that; Yes ! We at Love Island are true love’s matchmakers.

Does it seem really convincing and congruent to you all?

 Jordan dumps Anna at Love Island season 5

It has been reported that multiple couple are faking their relationships at the final stages of Love Island season 5. However, relationship experts have eyes on one quirky duo of Love Island season 5- Jordan and Anna.

Jordan is all psyched up to ditch Anna after she confessed to Jordon over being the most unpopular couple of the Love Island season 5. The thunderbolt stormed after Jordan and Anna reached the bottom two zone once again during Sunday eviction night.

Moreover, the Love Island viewers are constantly pouring scorns on the lust/love couple’s sexy night in the Hideaway. Their Fifty Shades of Grey gesture has left every Island guy crushed and cringed.

Jordan’s eviction comes more stronger now


Although, after a reassurance pep-talk, Jordon consoled Anna to stick by her side in every thick and thin. However, the end-teaser clip revealed a different shade of Jordan’s. He secretly admitted to yearning to bump into India sometimes and start a private conversation with her.

I feel like I am having a few good conversations with India from past days. I think I should start something new with her, you know something afresh. I sat back and thought all over about her.

Nonetheless, the camera then panned towards Anna, while capturing her ‘something is gonna get bad’ feels over Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan’s shrewd statements have enraged Anna’s relatives and show watchers as well.

We would be witnessing an unprecedented selection if Jordan’s not gonna get kicked out off the villa after next evictions.

Let’s see if Jordan’s luck brings him closer to India or lets him bid a goodbye to fellow villa members.

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