Lucifer Season 5 Might See Chole or Lucifer Get Killed

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Lucifer Season 5 is the last in the series and the show will come to an end. The season finale has been greenlighted by Netflix and there will be a total of 16 episodes divided into two batches of 8 episodes. Lucifer Writers’ room has been teasing the episode titles and so far names of seven episodes are known.

The fifth season of Lucifer will focus on Lucifer ruling the hell and Chloe on earth doing her normal crime-solving job. But given the show is ending with season 5, the makers will have to end it on a conclusive note so that every character’s arc is done. At the same time, there are a few theories which say that Lucifer or Chloe will die in Lucifer Season 5 and here are their detailed descriptions.

Chloe Will Die to Live with Lucifer in Hell

Chloe Will Die to Live with Lucifer in Hell

It has been hinted in every season of Lucifer that Chloe and he are connected with some sort of prophecy and she might be the end of him. In the Lucifer Season 4 finale, Who’s Da New King of Hell?, it was shown that Lucifer takes his devil form and orders demon Dromos and his other evil partners to go back to hell. In order to do so, Lucifer himself has to return back to hell and keep the demons in check.

It shows that to keep balance on earth, Lucifer has to stay in hell and it would be the major plot point in Lucifer Season 5. It has now also been revealed that Chloe is in now love with Lucifer, even the devil side of him. Which is why there are high chances that Chloe dies in the finale of Lucifer Season 5 just to get to hell and be with Lucifer, the two will then rule hell together forever.

Lucifer Dies to Become Human

Lucifer Dies to Become Human

Lucifer Season 5 will most importantly end the storyline of Lucifer, a runaway ruler of hell. With God as his father, Lucifer always has been struggling as to why he was banished to rule the hell for eternity, whereas his brother Amenadiel became an angel free to roam the heavens. We have also seen that Lucifer is now no longer immortal and several beings have hurt him, it could be a big set-up towards the end.

If Lucifer dies, he won’t go to hell or heaven as it’s his native place. There are high chances that Lucifer sacrifices his life in order to save her life and reincarnates as a normal human on earth and they live a happy life after, which was also evident from the leaked shooting pictures of Lucifer Season 5.

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