Lucifer Season 5 Netflix Release Date, Episode Titles, Story Details and More

Lucifer Season 5 Netflix

Lucifer Season 5 is the last and final season of the show which will release on Netflix and fans have been glad that it has a proper ending after it was saved from cancellation. The fifth season is currently under production and set pics haven been leaked online regularly from the Lucifer show.

There are also a lot of fan theories floating around which states that Lucifer or Chloe might die in season 5. Here is everything you need to know about release date, episode titles, story details and more of Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix.

Lucifer Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Lucifer Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Lucifer season 5 will release in two batches of eight episodes with a total of 16 episodes overall. Although there is no official confirmation on the release date, everyone is expecting it to around the Summer of 2020. The production is under the process and it will take time for further CGI and special effects. It gives the makers a time window of around 6 to 8 months making Lucifer season 5 release date as May-July 2020.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode Titles

Lucifer Season 5 Episode Titles

The writers of Lucifer have been giving hints about the episode titles and fans are guessing them correctly so far. Here are the episode titles of the first seven episodes in Lucifer season 5.

  • Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy
  • Episode 2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
  • Episode 3: !Diablo!
  • Episode 4: It Never Ends Well for the Chicken
  • Episode 5:  Detective Amenadiel
  • Episode 6: BluBallz
  • Episode 7: Our Mojo

Plot Details and Other Updates on Lucifer Season 5

Plot Details and Other Updates on Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer season 5 is also the ending of the show which makes every character arc will be completed and most of the loose ends will be tied up before the season finale. Chloe will come to terms and accept the demonic side of Lucifer and there are also hints that there will be a sex scene involving the two.

The actress who plays Maze has been hinting about big fight sequence so we can expect a lot of battles in season 5 of Lucifer. The biggest storyline to close in Lucifer season 5 will Lucifer itself accepting his fact and deciding between his duties and desires.

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