Lucifer Season 5 Release Date announcement sooner than ever after Latest move by Netflix


Lucifer Season 5 release date has been announced by Netflix and it was even confirmed by the latest show trailer. However, fans are not happy with the trailer as it has spoiled every twist that the fifth season of Lucifer will bring and are angry with Netflix.

It kind of gives away the entire storyline and the main twists which will continue to spoil the fans who were eagerly waiting for Lucifer Season 5. Some of the fans are demanding Netflix to release Lucifer Season 5 before the announced streaming date so more people don’t get spoiled by the trailer footage.

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer has a Lot of Spoilers

Lucifer Season 5 trailer is full of spoilers and kind of gives away the entire storyline of the next few episodes. While some fans don’t have any issue with the spoilers, most of the hardcore fandom is pissed at Netflix for spoiling the main twist. The following lines contains some spoilers for Lucifer Season 5 so please read on your own risk.

It could have been so amazing when they were actually streaming Lucifer Season 5 and find out that it was Lucifer’s twin brother Michael that arrived on Earth to create chaos and cheat with his friends. But Netflix has to spoil everything that there are two Lucifer now and they will fight each other. Lucifer Season 5 is totally spoiled and there is nothing to look forward now, watching the episode won’t be fun anymore.

Netflix can Release Lucifer Season 5 before Time

Lucifer Season 5 release date is set as August 21 on Netflix where it will stream the first 8 episodes of the series. It was announced that the fifth season of Lucifer will be released in two parts of eight-episodes each, where nothing has been announced about Lucifer Season 5 part 2 till now.

However, fans are asking Netflix to prepone the release of the show to stop fans from getting spoiled. While there are very fewer chances of that happening, Netflix releasing Lucifer Season 5 sooner than the announced date will be a smarter move.

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