Lucifer Season 5 Release Date Gets Major Boost

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

Lucifer Season 5 is coming up very soon and the writers have been dropping various hints for the plot and titles. The episode names for the first 5 episodes have been dropped on Twitter by the writers’ room of Lucifer show. Ever since Netflix saved Lucifer from cancellation, the writers and creators have gotten a lot of freedom.

Netflix doesn’t have any strict censorship policies like CW and Fox which has given the writers a chance to get crazy with season 5 of Lucifer TV series. Fans of Lucifer has solved the mystery of episode 4 title which involved the word chicken and here are other details on release date and episode titles of Lucifer season 5.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4: Ella’s Chicken

Lucifer the Chicken Mystery

The writers’ room of Lucifer season 5 who are currently finishing the scripts gave a puzzle to solve for the name of Episode 4. They wrote “I$ N#### E&&& W*** F”” T__ [email protected]@@@@@,” along with a thinking face, an evil, a chicken, and a winking smiley emoji. The fans of Lucifer were quick enough with their detective skills to solve the mystery and the answer came out to be It never ends well for the Chicken

While many of the fans are wondering what does Lucifer season 5 has to do with a chicken, it could be the chicken that Ella has in her bathtub called Margaret. There could be some other meanings to as chicken could refer to Lucifer in hell or even the previous season joke by Chloe which says, Why does the chicken cross the road?

Lucifer Season 5: Release Date and Episode List

Lucifer Season 5 Titles

Netflix has not announced any Lucifer season 5 release date but it could come out the same time as season 4 did, somewhere around in May 2020. Here are the titles for the first five episodes of Lucifer season 5.

  • Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy
  • Episode 2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
  • Episode 3: Diablo
  • Episode 4: It never ends well for the Chicken
  • Episode 5: Detective Amenadiel 

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