Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Lucifer and Constantine Crossover Confirmed?

lucifer season 5

Fans have gone gaga over the appearance of Tom Ellis, in his role as Lucifer Morningstar, in the Arrowverse crossover. Ellis continued to refute the rumors of his cameo on twitter after his picture surfaced. He later issued an apology to the fans saying he intended to surprise the fans.

In the brief scene set on Earth-666, Lucifer meets Constantine outside Lucifer’s club. Now, the fans are hype over the appearance of Constantine in the upcoming and final Lucifer season 5.

lucifer season 5

Lucifer Season 5: How does Lucifer know Constantine?

It was revealed that they know each other already when after Lucifer reluctantly agreed to help Constantine make it to the Purgatory. The only reason Lucifer agreed to help was because Constantine had helped Maze, Lucifer’s devil friend. However, the two characters have never referred to each other in their respective shows.

Tom Ellis has teased Constantine’ appearance in his interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“He [Lucifer] is very irreverent with our characters when they turn up in the scene, and obviously, with Constantine, there is some history there, “said Tom.

He further added “There’s a begrudging sort of admiration amongst the two of them, I think.”

Lucifer Season 5: The Expected Plot Direction

At the end of season 4, Lucifer was seen giving up his life on Earth in order to return to Hell so he could keep a check on the devils. While Lucifer is stuck in the underworld, Constantine could help him out with the motto of sending the devils back to Hell.

Fans are certainly waiting for a short cameo with crossed fingers in the upcoming Lucifer season 5. It will be interesting to see how the showrunners explore the chemistry of their characters, if and when they decide to go ahead with the crossover.

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