Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Tom Ellis’ Character will Die and Go to Heaven in Final Season of Netflix Original?

Lucifer Season 5 Theory The Devil will Die and Go to Heaven in Final Season

Lucifer Season 5 is the last and final season of the show and it means most of the story arcs will be coming to a conclusion. The biggest plotline is Lucifer’s fate as to where he ends up and what happens with him in the season finale. Lucifer getting back to Hell as been already done and won’t be a satisfying ending, the writers will give the Devil a proper sendoff in season 5.

There are some theories on Reddit which predict that Lucifer played by Tom Ellis will die in the fifth season and go to heaven. Here are more details on the Lucifer season 5 death theory and how can it actually make sense.

How can Lucifer Die in Lucifer Season 5?

How can Lucifer Die in Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer is the ruler of Hell but his powers on earth keep varying with time and he also doesn’t have much control over getting down thereafter he dies in his human body. In the first season of Lucifer, he used Pentecostal coins to get back on earth, Linda shocked him back to life in the second season and in the third season, he tagged awith his Angel brother Amenadiel.

The Lucifer season theory says that Lucifer needs his wings to get back on earth and inhabit his human body, without that he will be stuck on hell. Also, it has been shown that Lucifer becomes mortal near Chloe and can easily be killed and send back to hell. It means if someone shoots Lucifer when he is without his wings in Lucifer season 5, the devil won’t be able to get back and he can also permanently die.

Lucifer will End with Devil in Heaven

Lucifer will End with Devil in Heaven

Lucifer Season 5 may finally have the death of the devil, but it doesn’t mean that he will be erased from existence. It should be noted that Lucifer is way above human existence and he will always continue to exists. As per some of the Lucifer season 5 theories, Lucy knows that he is mortal around Chloe and he may still sacrifice his life to save her.

While Lucifer has been banished from entering heaven, God will look at his sacrifice and grant him passage to heaven in the fifth season. Lucifer Season 5 could end up with Lucifer entering heaven and made the ruler of it, but he chooses to live a simple life on earth with Chloe.

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