Lucifer Season 5 Update: New Pictures Hints Trouble on Earth and Hell

Lucifer Season 5 Update New Pictures Hints Trouble on Earth and Hell

Lucifer Season 5 will begin from the point where it ended in the last season as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is back in hell and keeping the monsters in check. However, it doesn’t mean that the story won’t move forward as in the absence of Lucifer, the earth is without protection and other monsters can attack it. Lucifer had to give a sacrifice and return to hell leaving his love Chloe (Lauren German) back on the earth.

It was also heartbreaking because Chloe had just confessed his love for Lucifer after accepting the devilish side of him. But things are not right on earth, which is why Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel pays him a visit to hell as shown in the latest pictures release from Netflix.

Lucifer Season 5: Amenadiel in Hell

Angel in Hell

Photo Credit: Netflix

There is no way that Lucifer’s angel brother will come to the cold corners of hell as he clearly hates the place. But there could be some big trouble on the way which he couldn’t handle and hence he came to Lucifer as a last resort. It is why Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) visits hell in person to meet Lucifer and ask for help.

Something very bad is happening on earth otherwise Amenadiel would never even think about going to hell. There could be a reason that Amenadiel’s son Charlie could in danger and only Lucifer can save him. The time spend in the hell is very different as compared to earth and it means Amenadiel would have to leave his newborn son for a long time and it also shows the severity of the situation.

Lucifer Season 5: Earth in Trouble

Lucifer Season 5 Earth in Trouble

Lucifer and Chloe are in love but from the look of it, they won’t be meeting for a long time. Lucifer season 5 episode 6 could be the first time the two finally see each other and it won’t end without trouble. The fifth season of Lucifer is currently filming and very soon we will have the first trailer. Lucifer season 5 will show the effects of the devil leaving the earth puts it in danger and how he has to find a balance between everything.

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