Macbook 2020 Will Feature The Thinngest Design So Far – But There’s One Huge Problem With It!

MacBook 2020

Every year, Apple releases their next-gen MacBooks and continues to impress the fans and the users year after year. While there are many different innovations – the company has one thing which has been a constant: every year, Apple cuts off some bulk off the MacBook! Remember how bulky they used to be up until some 5 years ago? We’ve come a long way. It turns out that Apple is planning to go even further with this – with MacBook 2020 being the thinnest so far!

MacBook 2020 Specs

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Patents Reveal More Details About the New MacBook

This new MacBook is still under development and pretty much everything that we know about this new MacBook comes from these patents. It indicates that the upcoming MacBook will be thinner than ever before and it also reveals how the company will be chopping off the bulk.

MacBook 2020 Features

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Reportedly, Apple will be reducing the size of the keys to make the MacBook 2020 thinner. The keys will be smaller as well as thinner, allowing Apple to reduce the size of the MacBook even more! This is almost an unneeded change as MacBooks anyway are among the thinnest laptops available!

There’s One Big Problem with MacBook 2020

MacBook 2020 Specs Features

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This upcoming MacBook will be making all components a little smaller, particularly the keys, to ensure that the device is slimmer and thinner than ever before. This can actually be counterproductive for Apple as it can make the components a little less durable and more susceptible to physical damage! Users would need to be more careful while working on the MacBook 2020!

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