MacBook Pro 16-Inch is Full of Bugs and Issues, Apple to Face another Lawsuit for Audio and Display Issues?

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Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch laptops were recently released with the latest magic keyboard and new specs, but it has been filled with issues and bugs. While Apple has corrected the previous problems regarding the butterfly keyboard switches or overheating, a new set of problems have plagued the MacBook Pro users.

As per the rumors, the newly released 16-inch MacBook Pro has major issues of popping and clicking sounds coming up from the speaker system. There are also other audio problems in the Apple laptop and it has been creating a lot of trouble for the Mac users. If Apple doesn’t solve the issues soon, they could be facing another lawsuit over the 16-inch 2019 Apple MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Bugs and Issues

MacBook Pro 16-Inch Bugs and Issues

Several Apple users who purchased the newly launched MacBook Pro 16-inch, have complained about the audio system and display ghosting issues. There are some reports which claim that Apple is aware of the bugs and issues, but the Cupertino based tech giant is yet to make any official announcement regarding the matter.

One MacBook user complained that the chirping and clipping noise reaches too high when the volume of the speakers is increased. While another user complained about display getting ghosted while switching between apps, blurry displays, and slow screen response while scrolling text files. While it is common to have some issues and bugs in newly launched devices, it could lead to a lawsuit given the high prices of Apple MacBook Pro 2019 models.

Will Apple Face Another Lawsuit on MacBook Pro?

Will Apple Face Another Lawsuit on MacBook Pro

Apple is already facing a lawsuit regarding the previous model of MacBook Pro released in 2018 as it had many issues with the butterfly keyboard. The company may have to offer compensation to the affected users if the court doesn’t rule the decision in their favor.

On top of that, issues in the latest 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro are not good for their image. Apple won’t let the issues get out of control and would most likely call the devices back and repair them as soon as possible.

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