Maine firework sale witnesses downfall on Fourth of July

Maine firework sale boomed after legalization on 2012

Maine firework sale got legalized by the government on 2012. However, during the big day, Fourth of July, there is a decline in sales. The big day saw a low rate of purchase of fireworks at Maine. Thus, the decrease in sale directly responded to decrease in the revenue of the state as well.

Maine firework sale can be banned by local authorities

The industry experts made an attribute that the sale of fireworks decreased during the weekend, July 4. The local municipalities can trigger a power to ban or lower the use of fireworks. On the other side, the state approves the sale to the consumers residing there.

Maine firework sale boomed after legalization on 2012

The fireworks at Maine didn’t headstart like other years due to poor funding
Credits: Bangor Daily News

Owner of Pyro city store, Steve Marson claims, sales are down by 20 per cent over 20 years. On adding, the sale saw much more complexity for the last three years. He even expects sale will fire up next year as well, because July 4 will fall on Saturday. As consumers and offices will celebrate it on keeping a track of a long holiday.

Reports claim tax revenue increased 

As per reports, Maine consumer sale was highest during the legalization year. The sales triggered to 6.96 million dollars but it lowered by 29% during the period of 2012 to 2018.

Moreover, the tax revenue also lowered with 350,000 to 278,000 million dollars from 2012 to 2018. Another report found out that national sale increased from 645 to 845 million dollars from the same years.

Maine firework sale boomed after legalization on 2012

Credits: Bangor Daily News

Maine is among the 49 states which allow legal use and sale of fireworks. Whereas, Massachusetts doesn’t incur the use and sale of any fireworks. During the time of legalization, only 16 retail shops received their license. At times the shops pay 5000 US dollars for their initial license and later 1500 US dollars as yearly charges.

However, legalization of fireworks for the Maine consumers is increasing the sale year after year. Thus, it seems this year will trigger more sale as from the previous year, a shop owner claims.

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