Man posing as woman earns over $100k on Snapchat

Man posing as woman earns over $100k on Snapchat-1

Snapchat has become a popular online social medium and people have been using it extensively. People all across the globe post snaps. Snaps are posted for various events like birthdays, concerts and they are also posted for anything and everything under the sun. People will post a snap for anything. They don’t need a reason, they don’t need any pressure. See something you like? Post a snap. Want to congratulate someone? Post a snap. Snapchat has been used for various purposes, but here we see it being used to earn money. Yes, we are not kidding, read on to know how this one guy from Texas earned a 100k from Snapchat.

Man posing as woman earns over $100k on Snapchat-1

Source: Youtube

Snapchat: Who is this guy?

Alex Hernandez is a 28 year old guy who is a father and is having problems making ends meet. He initially did not reveal his name and was using the alias of Nancy Hernandez.

Alex is earning money by selling his pictures on Snapchat. He is doing so by using the filter which changes or bends your gender. The filter which was recently released by Snapchat has amazed people across the globe.

Alex had recently lost his job and that is what persuaded him to follow this career path. He also says, “You have to get it how you live.” He said that he has been making a bucket-load of money by selling premium subscriptions of Snapchat. He sells himself as a woman going by the name of Nancy.

Man posing as woman earns over $100k on Snapchat-1

Snapchat on iPhone. Source: Marketing Land

How much money has he made?

He says that he has mode more than $100,000 by now. Alex said that N*ggas is thirsty as hell.” and that is how he has been making so much money.

Fernandez denied to give his original photo because he thinks that if his face gets out, his business would be ruined. He wants to keep this business a secret until he buys a new home.

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