Manny Pacquiao wary of Keith Thurman’s challenge at pay per view

Manny Pacquiao wary of Keith Thurman's challenge at pay per view

Manny Pacquiao is training harder than ever for his pay-per-view main event against Keith Thurman on July 20. The 40-year-old veteran is preparing in full swings for the fight. The bout will take place in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao knows his prime is long gone and Thurman would be a tough nut to crack. Thurman is 10 years junior to Manny, so the advantage is already with him. The 2 will be jostling for the WBA Welterweight Title and it holds a different meaning for the two. Manny Pacquiao, past his prime, can still sleep in peace if he loses having a formidable past record. Can’t say the same about Thurman though.

Manny Pacquiao: “This is the biggest test of my career”

Pacquiao isn’t shying away from the truth though. He knows it will take much more to beat Thurman than Adrien Broner or Lucas who he beat comfortably. Thurman has an unbeaten record from 30 fights and has been the Welterweight Champion since 2015. Looking at this stats pull the odds in Thurman’s favour.

“At age 40 I want to prove I can still beat an undefeated champion. I like being an underdog in this fight. Keith Thurman does not scare me. Keith Thurman does not intimidate me.

Keith Thurman has inspired me. I am training harder than ever. This is the biggest test of my career. It is a story that is 40 years in the making,” Manny said.

Pacman is not in his prime anymore at 40. Image: SkySports

Thurman has had his own problems recently

Thurman came off a long layoff in January and that lack of match practice could definitely come to haunt him. Pacquiao is a seasoned campaigner and no rookie pushover with a formidable record of 61-7-2 with 39 KOs, comfortably more than Thurman’s number of fights.

This stat may have compelled bookmakers to make the odds similar to the fighters. While Manny Pacquiao stands at +100 and +128, Keith Thurman is listed at -127 and -164.

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