Marathoner Frank Meza hurt over disqualification found dead in river

Marathoner Frank Meza hurt over disqualification found dead in river

A record setting Marathoner accused of cheating has been found dead in Los Angeles river on Thursday. Police suspect suicide as he was “hurt”over the allegations he denied. The runner was further disqualified from the Los Angeles Marathon before he died.

The reason for his death of the late Frank Meza is still unknown but investigations are on.

Frank Meza: Record holder accused of cheating

Frank Meza completed the marathon in March in record time and was amidst controversy since. He also set new records for his age in many other races before people started accusing him of cutting through races.

Marathoner Frank Meza hurt over disqualification found dead in river

Meza was deeply hurt when disqualified at L.A.Marathon. image : Marathoninvestigation

Frank Meza completed the March marathon in 2 hours 53 minutes for the record. Derek Murphy investigated and laid out a photo analysis that pointed out that he maybe a course cutter.

That is someone who jumps out of a race and uses unfair means and sneaks back in the end.

Is this 70-year-old marathon runner from East L.A. a record setter or a cheater? from running

Frank Mezathough denied the accusations saying he cut through to “pee” unaware of the rules.

“What I can tell you is that I did not cut. My last few marathons I have had to step off the course, looking for a place to pee. I didn’t know this was against the rules, I was not aware of that,” he said to the Canadian Runner magazine.

“They were all manufactured lies”

Meza’s wife Tina though denied any allegations calling them outright lies.

“We don’t understand why he was attacked,” she added. “He was just a soft-spoken, nice person. It hurt him deeply. I still don’t understand it.”

Murphy though posted another evidence just before the unfortunate death. He posted a picture showing a man riding a bike besides the track. The outfit including the hat and shorts were the same as Frank Meza.

Frank Meza was a doctor by profession and Tina says he also taught his patients to run fast.

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