Margot Robbie And Tom Ackerley Split Rumours: Actress Struggling With ‘Rift’ In Marriage With Film Producer Husband?

Margot Robbie Husband
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Margot Robbie is having troubled marriage with producer husband, Tom Ackerley. The reason for trouble being her relationships with her male co-stars. Multiple tabloids have claimed this trouble in paradise.

Margot Robbie And Husband Fighting Over Her Intimate Scenes

Late last year, word was that Robbie’s intimate scenes in the film Dreamland had caused a rift between husband and wife. Ackerley was a producer on the film. And he was apparently having trouble watching his wife portray such level of attraction to her co-star. Apparently, Ackerley had watched one shower scene so many times he’s starting to question his sanity.

Margot Robbie Husband

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It could be a bit awkward to watch your wife pretend to be intimate with someone else. However, it’s seriously doubtful Ackerley had any issue with it. As a producer, he knows the business. And also knows that Robbie is a professional.

Flirting With Brad Pitt

Another rumour was that Robbie was reuniting with Brad Pitt for the film Babylon, an old Hollywood-era drama directed by Damien Chazelle. Reportedly, Pitt and Robbie’s connection was electric on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As a result, a reunion on this new film could mean trouble for Robbie’s marriage.

Of course, there was no truth to the report. Despite the rumors, there’s no evidence that Robbie and Pitt ever had a romantic relationship. Furthermore, Babylon has yet to move to filming and seems to be at a stand still for the moment. The film was once slated to premiere in 2021, but has since been pushed back to 2023.

Fact Of The Matter

It is always either trouble with marriage or pregnancy rumours, when it comes to tabloids on celebrity couples. Truth be told, Robbie and her husband seem to be doing just fine. And they most likely won’t have a baby on the way any time soon.

It’s telling how the tabloids would rather invent on-set flings for the actress than acknowledge her major career successes. The actress books major roles with ease and has even started her own production company with her husband.

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