Mariah Carey Rumors: Andy Cohen pushing Singer to reveal more in her new memoir


The Meaning of Mariah Carey is set to release in less than a month. The new memoir of Mariah Carey is already under the scrutiny of the tabloids. They are looking at its every angle for some story or drama.

Some tabloids are claiming that the Andy Cohen Books will publish the book and they are demanding late rewrites. This is creating trouble for Mariah Carey. Let’s check if it’s true.

Andy Cohen is fond of Drama

According to a source, Carey’s new memoir is short of spice and Cohen is demanding more drama. What does Cohen actually want? The source reports that,

Cohen is demanding Mariah reveal everything, including her drama with Jennifer Lopez and marriage to Nick Cannon.

Cohen allegedly makes a living out of all the embarrassing and dirty stuff. So anything without it is out of his understanding. Clearly, you should take this story with a grain of salt as it is full of inaccuracies.

Even before the announcement of this book on Instagram, Carey’s story was already written and revised. Further, it is the editors of the company who would point out the errors in the story and not Cohen himself, being the head of the company.

Problems and Murmurs

The source also claimed that the first draft of Carey’s memoir was pretty dull. We all know that not everyone gets to read a memoir’s very first draft.

Everyone in a publishing company are under strict instructions not to leak any details. It is impossible for this source to get the very first draft of the memoir.

Truth about Andy Cohen

Cohen has worked with several talk shows including The Real Housewives and CBS This Morning. he also won Emmys for Top Chef. However, nobody has ever claimed that Cohen was looking for more food-talk in the memoir.

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