Marvel’s Avengers games to have Microtransactions?

Marvel's Avengers games to have Microtransactions?

Marvel’s Avengers is a famous franchise which is popular all over the world. For those who don’t know, Marvel is about to release Avengers game the theme for which is still unclear to the audience. As of now, all we know is Marvel is up to do something interesting again.

The game’s narrative is quite predictive. The top lineup of Avengers fight their best to save the world from the evil threats just as they do in the movies. And as per the trailer released, the game has a pretty good graphics.

Marvel's Avengers games to have Microtransactions?

A scene from the trailer

Bill Rosemann, the editor of Marvel comics responded on the game through his twitter handle.

Avengers game: No loot boxes in the game?

Also, in the trailer launch, the developers just confirmed that the game will indeed have microtransactions.

Also, during the trailer launch at E3 2019 of the Avengers game, the developers have clarified that there would be no involvement of loot boxes in the game. It is also said that pay to win tactics is also not employed in the game. Earlier, it was unclear whether the developers would adopt the microtransactions or not.

Clarifying this, the developers said that, the discussions went on between IGN and game’s developers at E3, finally confirmed the involvement of microtransactions in the game. It was also announced that Top Avengers like Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow will be featured in the initial lineup.

Microtransactions for aesthetic additions only?

The lead combat designer Vincent Napoli added that the microtransactions in the game don’t affect the gameplay. So, we may come to the conclusion that these microtransactions are just for additional costumes or something like that.

This is not the first time a game is featuring microtransactions since most of the AAA games already employed it. Let us see if it workouts with the famous Marvel’s Avengers.

Other highlights about the trailer

Marvel's Avengers games to have Microtransactions?

Controversial looks in the game

It was announced that The Avengers game launches on May 15, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A beta will be held prior to launch, and PlayStation 4 users will get it first. It was also clarified that the controversial looks of the characters in the game won’t be changed.

So, the Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming flick, Marvel’s Avengers game has released its trailer at E3 and the trailer is more than just awesome. Here’s the trailer for you



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