Matrix 4 Potential Plot Spoilers Reviewed: What Fans want in the next Matrix Sequel?


The Matrix 4 is coming out soon with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss returning as Neo and Trinity. There will be a lot of other stars joining the Matrix franchise such as Neil Patrick Harris and Priyanka Chopra who could play some amazing characters.

But the main thing is that Matrix 4 needs to get certain things right to get the attention of the modern-day audience. Here are more details on The Matrix 4 potential plot spoilers review and what fans want in the next Matrix sequel.

The Matrix 4 should take place in a New Dimension

The Matrix 4 should take place in a totally new dimension which can introduce fans to a whole new world. There are so many things that can be explored in the virtual reality of Matrix with the help of Neo’s imagination. The simulation should take Matrix 4 fans into a new dimension which surprises them with an amazing world.

The Matrix 4 should have Real World Consequences

The Matrix 4 needs to have consequences which affect even the real world of humans. While most of the Matrix movie takes place in the simulation, the real world is very dark and gritty where humans are used as an energy resource with the life being sucked out of them. When the war in Matrix 4 movie is over, there should be something done to restore the Earth back to normal.

The Matrix 4 should have amazing Special Effects

The Matrix 4 special effects should totally knock it out of the park and that was the main thing that made the movies popular. Everyone agrees that they are not interested in the story or cast, but the amazing special effects redefined the Hollywood movies with scenes such as Neo stopping the bullets or shooting while flying in the hallway. There are so many possibilities in the world of Matrix 4 and hence the special effects take full use of it.

The Matrix 4 Fight Scenes be Unique and New

The Matrix 4 fight scenes must be visually appealing as you have Keanu Reeves who is the best-action star of our times. Everyone remembers Neo fighting the horde of Agent Smith in rain, they must do something to top that. It won’t be that hard for Matrix 4 to pull off unique fight scenes with modern-day technology and action choreographers.

The Matrix 4 release date will be announced soon as the production resume after it was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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