Matt Damon Divorce Rumors: Hollywood Star not Wearing a Wedding Ring hints Marriage Issues

Matt Damon Divorce Rumors: Hollywood Star not Wearing a Wedding Ring hints Marriage Issues
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Matt Damon’s divorce rumors are once again in the news with a claim that the Hollywood star will soon end his marriage with his wife Luciana Barroso. As per the ‘OK!’ magazine reports, Damon and Barroso are having marital issues and the actor not wearing his wedding ring hints that things are not right between the couple.

The tabloid further adds that even though the couple is still together, things are not right and there is a lot of tension between them. Matt and Luciana have been married for more than 15 years and all the issues between them are now expanding and making things worse for them. Here is more on Matt Damon divorce rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of marriage issues for the Hollywood star.

Matt Damon is Not Wearing a Wedding Ring

Matt Damon is currently spending time with his best friend Ben Affleck and helping him get over his breakup from Ana de Armas. While Luciana Barosso has no issues with her husband helping out a friend, it is not the right time when their own marriage is on the rocks.

Matt keeps rushing over to Ben’s house in the middle of the night and it is not something she can take anymore. Further, Matt Damon has stopped wearing his wedding ring and it is a clear message to everyone that his marriage is almost over and he is ready to find a new one.

Matt Damon Divorce Rumors and Real Truth

Matt Damon divorce rumors are totally fake and there is hardly any truth to the story. The tabloid just keeps making false news based on some phony evidence as Matt Damon and his family are currently in Australia, whereas Ben Affleck is in LA and hence the rumors don’t even make any sense.

Further, Damon not wearing a wedding ring is not normal as you don’t wear the ring everywhere you go, there are no marriage issues between him and his wife. Fans should not believe in such rumors and take everything with a grain of salt.

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