Matthew Perry and Matthew Leblanc pushing ‘Friends Reunion’ screening due to ‘fat camp’ stunt


According to reports, Matthew Perry and Leblanc need to get back in shape before filming the upcoming reunion of Friends with Jennifer Aniston.

In their recent photos, it showed that they have put on some extra pounds. And they need to take drastic actions to get back in shape and improve their appearances.

Reports claimed that they were  giving tough competition to each other in terms of gaining weight and suggested that they both should join a “fat camp” to unload  their extra pounds.

According to reports, both Matt and Perry can loose up to 5 pounds of their body weight by following regular exercise and diet. They both need to get back in shape and get camera ready.

‘Friends reunion’ screening will be pushed back due to this reason

The reports also told that screening would start from November to accommodate co-stars in their weight loss journey.

Every fan is willing to see actors in a great shape and start filming the reunion. However,  a report denied the claims about Leblanc and said there is nothing true about him joining a fat camp.

Weeks ago, some photos showed that Jennifer Aniston was trying very hard to help Perry get back into shape. A report said since Perry separated from Molly Hurwitz, the actor had seen some downfall in his life and may have gained some extra pounds.

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