Matthew Perry had the best response to shut the media up

Matthew Perry

What comes to your mind when you hear “Chandler Bing of FRIENDS” aka Matthew Perry. For me, Chandler was all about a pretty face with fits of sarcasm.

But here’s terrible news for all Perry fans. Our Chandler has grown in to look so baggy and rumpled. The Friends star is reported to have undergone a gastrointestinal surgery last year and hasn’t been spotted pretty often after then. If sources are to believed, Matthew Perry had gotten his bowels ruptured severely in June of 2018.

Matthew Perry can turn every tragedy into humour

Matthew Perry had the Most Chandler Response Over Disheveled Appearance in NY


The FRIENDS star has stayed out of the spotlight and was enjoying(or, griming) his singlehood. Not to mention his last years struggle with Vicodin and alcohol addictions, the actor found it better to fight his addictions without making a fuss out of it.

Earlier this week, a few photos of Perry has surfaced online following a scruffy beard, messy wears and unkempt fingernails. The actor was out for an afternoon stroll when some media-person spotted him outside in New York City.

The news went viral on different media platforms in no time. Chandler fans flooded twitter with messages full of concern and pity for the self-proclaimed comic actor. And after a series of fretting tweets, the 17 Again star plumped for a Chandler-style reply on the story coverage.  Perry responded by tweeting:

I’m getting a manicure today morning. That’s okay I guess? I mean it says man right in his word.

Perry’s nails have fetched more headlines than his deteriorating health

Matthew Perry had the Most Chandler Response Over Disheveled Appearance in NY

picture- BUSTLE

The reports trolled Matthew Perry for his “dishevelled and scrambling” looks. None of the media sites considered the reasons for his failing health and reluctance towards facing spotlight.  The whole state raises a serious question to me- Is it always important for a celebrity to take up glamorous looks, just to please media and their million followers?

However, his witty reply on twitter amazed the fans and they become really quick in defending their favourite actor. The affair seems very much familiar with a Friends scene. One user took it to social media and commented,

“Manicure with umm.. Rachel ? Better you find Janice’s nail.”

The last years have been really hard on Perry, both physically and mentally. Except for struggling with his Vicodin and methadone addiction, the actor had a long fight with pancreatitis. I hope Perry stays fighting fit in coming years. 

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