McLaren GT review: How does the price and specs stand out among other car brands?


McLaren, a British supercar company, is getting huge attention these days with its new McLaren GT. It is a mid-engined supercar with cargo capacity. The sports cars made by McLaren are so responsive, comfort, fast and looks are also similar to a spaceship.

The newly unveiled McLaren GT has got all of these features including that it could carry a lot of luggage. Its space capacity could be a highlight amongst all of the previously introduced McLaren’s cars.

New sports car made by McLaren

570GT, a touring car, which was previously introduced by McLaren has also got a big luggage space(carved out of its slightly bulbous back), but that lacked in comfort and refinement.

The new GT costs for $210,000 which roughly matches with its competitors. The engine is behind the seats with the capacity of about 4.0-liters and twin turbo V8 which makes up to 620 bhp.

The car has a capacity of 4.0-litres

Steering and brakes are powerful and it could be guessed after having a look at the model. Although the suspension and driveline aren’t as hardcore as you’d find on Senna.

According to McLaren, the new GT could rip to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.  This car is designed in such a way that it gives us a feel of supercar and could hold a large amount of air from the radiator.

This cools the engine comparatively quickly than other sports cars. So, the main reason for introducing this car could be to show us the softer side of sports supercars. Unlike what we all have seen till now like an Aston Martin DB11.

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