MCU’s Iron Man 4: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Likeliness of a Fourth Film

MCU’s Iron Man 4- Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Likeliness of a Fourth Film

Iron Man 4: The first Iron Man movie, based on Marvel Comics’ character of the same name, came out with its first movie back in 2008. Robert Downey Jr played the character charismatically leaving the audience wanting more. The film’s financial success was one of the greatest in the industry. All our favorite superheroes came together for an ultimate movie (Avengers: Endgame) making it the biggest finale in the history of superhero movies.

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Iron Man franchise started at a time when Robert Downey Jr was grappling with a slow-moving career. It was never the studios’ plan to hand over the franchise. However, Robert Downey Jr managed to own the Tony Stark’s character. We all know what happened later with the Avengers movie with Stark as the movie’s base character.

Iron Man 4: Will it made? Do we have a release date?

As much as fans are eager to see Iron Man with his quirky behavior on the screen, Marvel has announced that there will not be a fourth movie. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely opined that some things have to end, otherwise all meaning is lost.

Iron Man 4: Who will play Tony Stark after Robert Downey Jr?

MCU has a number of movies lined up for release over the coming years. Whether Robert Downey Jr will reappear in these movies cannot be ascertained.

However, it seems fairly unlikely that Robert Downey Jr will return as Iron Man in MCU movies.

Reports have suggested that Tony Stark will feature in the next MCU movie “Black Widow.” Although, it remains unclear as to in what capacity he will return. Given that the movies are inspired from comic books, creativity makes a large number of things possible. We must wait and see.

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