Meet Produce X 101 group X1 team captain Han Seung Woo

Meet Produce X 101 group X1 team captain Han Seung Woo

Nonetheless, Produce X 101 has ended with a bidding note on Friday and we are already missing the sizzling voices of X1 all-rounder trainees. Although not much has been divulged about trainee’s further project developments, we have a good scoop over here for you, exclusively.

Project band X1 chooses team leader

Meet Produce X 101's group X1 team captain: Han Seung Woo

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The anticipated X1 band has finally chosen its team leader. From now onwards, X1’s oldest member, Han Seung Woo will assume the helm of X1’s future prospects and team growth. Yes, the magnificent, talented songster will now be leading X1 for the next five year projects.

X1’s victorious members expressed their happy emotions over working under Han Seung Woo. They shared the happy tiding through X1’s first VLIVE broadcast, dropped on Jul 22. Moreover, the members further talk high of Seoung Woo while defending every plausible reason to work under him.

X1’s Kang Min Hee called Han Seung Woo to be a person who needs no words. Son Dong Pyo teamed up with Min-Hee and described him as,

‘a father-figure and mood-maker for all other band-mates.’

Produce x 101 produces Korea’s biggest singing prodigies

Although, the rest team members were busy voting and backing Seung Woo. He didn’t have any good-damned idea about leading his family, his childhood dream.

I promise you to really work hard and you guys, please take care of me. I will be leader who wouldn’t mind taking the first steps. All of you, please follow me well.

-Han Seung Woo

Meanwhile, X1 is the all-time winning trainee group from Produce X 101. The five-year project boy group consists of some big shots of the music industry. Some former contestants including Kim Yo Han, Han Seung Woo, Kim Woo Seok, and Jo Seung Youn have heightened the group to soaring extents.

Moreover, leading vocalists like Son Dong Pyo,Β  Cha Jun Ho, Lee Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyun and Lee Eun Sang have further added to X1’s astounding glory. Not to mention that Han Seung Woo begged the third rank in Produce X 101 finale.

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