Meet Scamp the Tramp: The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2019 Champion

Worlds Ugliest Dog

I have seen people heading for some beauty peagent contests in their mid-twenties. This would be my first-time when I’ll be seeing a face-off between dogs for the title of being the most ugliest. Not to mention that, the award show has been organised for more than 30 times in history. So here we are with the news for The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2019.

And the World’s Ugliest Dog Award goes to Scamp the Tramp

Winner of World’s Ugliest Dogs 2017 (Photo:Getty Images)

This year, the winner of annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is none other than Scamp the Tramp: a buggy-eyes, messy locking pooch.

The California based owner, Yvonne Morones have won bountiful of rewards for the top honors: an appearance with her lovely Scamp on the “Today” show, $1,500 in cash, a Rottweiler sized trophy and another $1,500 for donation purpose.

Morones found Scamp in 2014 after locating the stray dog on a Pet Finder. The love story of the ugly-cutie pooch and it’s owner is rare yet extremely beautiful. 


He’s Scamp the Champ, not the usual Scamp the Tramp anymore. I think the audience looked towards his beautiful spirit and everything he’s given back.

In a bid to donate the another $1500 in charity, our champ paid some volunteer visits to a local citizen center and some schoolchildren. 

The following are the winners

World's Ugliest Dog Award

TOPSHOT -World’s Ugliest Dog of 2016 (Photo:AFP)

So, if you think it was an easy win for Scamp, then you should rub your mouth with some ice-cake. Scamp competed with 18 different contenders to paw on the winning title.

The competition was really tough- they had bowed legs, rugged coats, confusing looks and droppy tongues.

What shall happen, if we are going to have same competitions among humans? I am sure, that’d sound pretty devastating to cosmetic companies. But, you know, the world will always reserve a place for the most weirdest things.

The event was successfully hosted by Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds of  Northern California.  While, Scamp stood at number one for being the most ugliest dog, Wild Thang begged the second place. The owner, Ann Lewis calls him a beady eyer with a disturbing tongue. He’s a Pekinese. The last winner of the eve was Tostito. He had a droopy tongue and damaged ears. Tostito was also the winner of show’s second title, The Spirit Award.

Meanwhile, the yearly People’s Choice Award went to Meatloaf-A California bulldog, with protruding teeth.

We wish the winners lots of beauty for their futures ahead.

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