Meet the super cute Bahati aka Simba from The Lion King

The Lion King Simba aka Bahati

The Lion King and baby Simba were adorable. The charm of little baby animals is just irresistible. As they roam around, tumbling down ever so often and walking with shaking legs, even a stone hearted person melts like wax. One of the most endearing are baby lions! Before they grow up to be monstrous, versatile killers, they spend a huge amount of wandering the wilderness as fluffy balls of cuteness.

One such baby lion has taken the internet by storm. For it is the lion cub that featured as Simba in the live-action remake of The Lion King!!

Bahati, Simba's role-model in The Lion King remake, is trending on internet!

Cub used for The Lion King
Source: People

Bahati aka Simba from The Lion King has taken the media by storm

So are you excited to meet Bahati? Ooops sorry, I forgot to inform you about the little lion cub. First things first, the baby lion is female! Yes, you read that right, Simba’s character was played by a cute and beautiful female cub.

Secondly, her name as mentioned above is Bahati. So as soon as her details got revealed on media several Disney animation lovers flooded various social platforms with their reactions. Bahati is beautiful cub from Dallas Zoo.

Have you seen the cute lion cub is?

Photos of the model baby of Simba’s live-action remake character from The Lion King hit the internet like a thunderstorm. However, that is not all, the photos are accompanied by a breath-taking video of Bahati.

The little cub was just a month old when Dallas Zoo provided Disney with a video encasing her movements to help with animation in The Lion King.

The Lion King Simba aka Bahati

Playful Bahati
Source: People

The animation team of Disney used the video of her movements for designing Simba in The Lion King remake. The video held cute moments of the model, which ranged from walking with unstable, wobbly legs to licking mild droplets that adorn her face.

All of her cute little behavior later turned into reference material for Disney people, who came out with wonderful effects in The Lion King. The Dallas Zoo tweeted about the news themselves, maybe in hope of garnering more publicity and limelight.

Well, I hope this tweet will do good to both the cub and the zoo.

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