Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Split Rumours: “Transformers” Actress To Leave MGK For Ex

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Megan Fox is causing waves in media once again. And this time the rumours are rife that she is leaving her current relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The reason being that she could reunite with her former partner Brian Austin Green.

Gossip columns are wondering whether or not Fox and MGK were doomed from the start. It’s being reported that Fox is more likely than not to move on from the rapper-turned-pop-punker despite his hardcore dedication to her.

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly

The history of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Fox and husband Brian Austin Green have separated this year, the formal divorce is yet to get through. But the married couple has a history of separating and then reuniting over and over again.

Fox and Green were originally engaged in 2006, but called it off three years later. The following year, they got re-engaged and wed, only for Fox to file for divorce in 2015. They reconciled again the following year, and Fox revoked the divorce filings in 2019.

Brian Austin Green

Megan and MGK are going strong

However, much emphasis is placed on Fox’s history with Green. Tabloids aren’t able to see the time she spends with Machine Gun Kelly. She went out of her way to promote his new album, and they’ve been nothing but sweet on social media.

Megan even introduce MGK to her kids, now why would she do that if she wasn’t serious about him? From the looks of the new couple’s Instagram posts, this relationship only seems to be going stronger as time passes.

False Stories

Using her past reunions as proof that her current relationship is doomed is utterly judgmental. Yeah, sometimes people need time apart, but sometimes two people just can’t make it work. It’s not healthy for anyone to argue about how someone needs to be in a relationship that clearly ended for meaningful reasons.

Rumours have been pretty inconsistent. Just last month hearsay was that Fox was extremely serious about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. In fact, story was that Fox was planning for a wedding and babies with the musician.

Bloody Valentine

It would be great if gossip columns stop making up such ridiculous stories. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are neither just a temporary fling, nor are they planning out their future family tree. As the world can see, the pair is obviously very, very happy.

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