Meghan Markle is a Diva, Duchess Attitude is frustrating for co-workers


Everyone knew Meghan Markle as an actress before she became a part of the British Royal Family. Since 2002, Markle has starred in several films and series. Suits was her breakthrough project in the acting industry. Her role as Rachel Zane in Suits won her a lot of fame and recognition.

Though Markle got along well with her co-stars, her attitude frustrates many of her co-workers. Many say that she is difficult to deal with.

Reasons why Meghan Markle left Suits after Seventh Season

Markle played the role of a paralegal at Pearson Hardman on the show. eventually, she goes on to become a lawyer after taking her bar exam and gets married to Mike Ross, one of the leads on the show.

Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle made an exit from the show after the seventh season. Markle got engaged to Prince Harry and decided to focus on her personal life. The show was shot in Toronto so Markle has to relocate to Canada from the United States.

Markle’s Diva Attitude

But many of her colleagues feel that she was frustrating. The Duchess of Sussex gained the reputation of being difficult while shooting for the show.

Several times, Markle held up photoshoots and filming if things were not as they were supposed to be. This usually happened when she was not in the spotlight. Her demanding attitude also earned her tags such as a “diva” and a “princess”. A videographer said that she was very high maintenance and rude.

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