Meghan Markle is Planning to break into Hollywood Movies after her Oprah Interview

Meghan Markle is Planning to return into Hollywood Movies after her Oprah Interview
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Meghan Markle is currently trending worldwide after her interview with Oprah Winfrey broke the internet. Prince Harry and Meghan recently had a special interview with Oprah and it is making headlines all over. The couple explains their side of things on why they decided to quit the Royal Palace and how badly they were treated back in the United Kingdom.

Markle says that she was depressed and suicidal over the constant racist comments on her and it broke her from the inside. A few weeks ago the New Idea magazine was claiming that Meghan Markle is planning to make her way into Hollywood movies and it seems that the dots are connecting. Markle is now back in limelight and any of her next projects will surely do wonders.

Meghan Markle wants to become a Hollywood Star

Meghan Markle always wanted to become a Hollywood superstar but things were somehow not working. She closed all the doors to the movie industry after her marriage with Prince Harry as the royal wives are not allowed to work outside.

The same thing happened with Kate Middleton who is now stuck in royal duties with Prince William and their kids. There have been reports that Meghan Markle is in touch with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as she wants to open with an action movie starring the Hollywood superstars.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah Winfrey Interview

Meghan Markel and Prince Harry’s recent interview with Oprah Winfrey is very controversial and people have already started taking sides. There are many people who are fully supporting Meghan for all the mental trauma she faced. Whereas a fraction of people thinks that Markle is doing all this for free publicity and sympathy as they got paid millions to whine about their entitlement in front of a camera.

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