Meghan Markle quit the Royal Family to become the next US President, claims Lady Colin Campbell

Meghan Markle

According to Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan Markle has political aspirations and wants to run for president someday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex relocated to the United States after accomplished their royal duty. They are residing in a private place in Los Angeles with their boy, Archie.

All Part Of The Plan

Campbell believes that Meghan had planned to live in the U.S. as eventually, she wanted to run for president one day. She stated to FEMAIL, “’I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions and I’ve been told that one day she wants to run for President,” “I think everything she is doing, leaving the royal family and moving back to California is part of her plan and she has taken Harry along with her.”


Early Signs

Even in her previous interviews, Campbell has been talking about the Sussexes. Talking to the Sunday Times, she said that Meghan leaked “warning signs” within a few days of entering the royal family. Here, she pointed to the incident about Meghan’s appearance at Prince Charles’ 70th garden party which was four days since her royal wedding, Meghan wanted to leave once her picture was clicked as she was bored. Campbell said, “We were all horrified,” “It was a warning sign Meghan was not going to adjust as well as she’d hoped.”

Lady Colin admitted of not having met Markle but takes it as an advantage to allow herself to be “ruthlessly impartial” towards her. “I neither like nor dislike her, but I do feel that she has squandered the most wonderful opportunity,” said the “Diana in Private” author.

The Archewell Trademark Application Pending

About the Archewell trademark application allegedly being rejected on the basis that it was vague and unsigned by Prince Harry and Meghan, they issued a declaration via The Sussex Media in an email to International Business Times

“It’s misleading to say that Archewell’s trademark applications were rejected — the applications are live and pending, and do not need to be refiled or restarted,”

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