Meghan Markle to pay hefty legal fees of $90,000 after losing against Daily Mail


Court documents reveal that Meghan Markle is entitled to pay a hefty legal fees of $90,000 after losing the first leg of the court battle against Daily Mail Publishers.

Meghan is in the middle of an ongoing legal battle with the British tabloid. She sued the tabloid for printing parts of her letter addressed to her dad. In the month of May, she lost early ruling and agreed to pay the tabloid a heavy legal fees of $88,500.

Markle sued Daily Mail Publishers for breach of copyright and privacy. She also tried to prove that the tabloid acted “dishonestly” by publishing some parts of her letters.

Justice Mark Warby found all these claims vague and according to him, it lacked particulars. The judge said,

“The pleaded case as it stands is embarrassing in the old sense that it places the defendant in an impossible position, whereby it cannot tell what case it has to meet.

The verdict of the latest round has not been announced yet. Meanwhile, Meghan is doing her best to keep the names of her friends, who spoke in her defense, anonymous. Even though the publisher’s lawyer has been referring to her friends as A to E, he argued that it is important to identify them.

The court battle began as a consequence of their interview. This interview prompted Meghan’s dad to bring up the letter in question which prompted its publication.

The Duchess of Sussex said that she valued her friends’ privacy and did not want to reveal their names. Markle feels that publishing her private letter was unlawful.

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