Statue of Melania Trump unveiled in her hometown: residents have a bemusing reaction

Statue of Melania Trump unveiled in her hometown: People bemusing reactions

Until now, US first lady’s hometown has only boasted of cakes, honey products and slippers. But for this time, the place has spawned fame for a bewitching statue of Melania Trump at the town’s outskirts. Although, the statue has spurred mixed reviews from the critics, it has been a center of attraction for local residents and nation leaders, as well.

Melania Trump and her life-size image

The wood-crafted monument is the only world’s statue dedicated to Ms. Melania Trump. Although, an American artist Brad Downey is the main mastermind behind the idea of a life-size statue, he picked up an immature sculptor, Ales “Maxi” Zupevc to carve it.

However, it is interesting to note the statue looks more like a ghostly scarecrow than a magnificent wonder.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters have openly denounced the intriguing artistic creation, the democrats have applauded the conceptual artist for his teasing efforts. The local villagers marveled at the statue with much amusement and jeering.

Melania Trump's Statue Unveiled In Her Hometown: Watch People's Bemusing Reactions

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The statue may remind you more of a mocking parody rather than paying tribute to the First Lady. Melania Trump looks absolutely unrecognizable in the life-size figure. It seems that Zupevc has just put on some blocks together and painted them blue.

Downey inaugurated the life-size statue on Friday at the outskirts of Sevnica. The talented sculptor, Zupevc carved the image into a fragmented tree using chainsaws.

The sculpture erected the figure into a tree using a chainsaw. You’ll be more ridiculed to know the statue is subjected for a documentary. Not to mention that he will soon arrange for an exhibition to showcase his divine invention.

The figure depicts Melania Trump in a faded blue dress while raising her left hand with a waving expression. She emulated the same pose during President Donald Trump’s oath-swearing ceremony.

If you love satire and hate Trump, then watch below for resident’s reaction

The statue has miserably failed in carving Melania Trump’s beauty and physical appearance.

Even, Downey is convinced of the same fact.

I can understand that people might think that the statue falls short as a description of her physical looks.

Obviously, you can’t be mocking a devoted wife for her husband’s collapsing and exploiting administration.

A local resident dropped her silence over the esteemed horrible creation.

We in Sevnica can only laugh and hold our heads in our hands, at the same time over their [the Trumps’] blowing reputation.

Indeed, Melania Trump has earned a more catastrophic acknowledgement for his extremist policies under the veils of equality.

Meanwhile, other locals have described the monument as a disgrace to their ideal’s admirable stature.

If you people are still speculating Downey’s choice for Zupevc. I shall tell you the US First Lady, Melania Trump and the naive sculptor were born in the same year. Even more, their mothers shared the same hospital and adjacent beds.

Melania Trump's Statue Unveiled In Her Hometown: Watch People's Bemusing Reactions

picture: MSN

I really don’t assume if people would be literally buying the excuse for a genuine reason.

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