Metallica and Symphony reunites for 20th anniversary: Schedule, tickets and much more

"Metallica and Symphony: S&M2" reunites for 20th anniversary as well as a movie

The heavy metal band, Metallica will perform with San Francisco Symphony to mark their reunion after 20 years. There is going to be a movie and an official trailer has been released. The “Metallica and Symphony: S&M2” show will reunite for a live performance to bewitch the fans once again.

The movie will be shown all over the world on October 9 but only for a single day. For details and tickets for the movie are available on their official website. Late Michael Kamen initially start the S&M concert in 1999 at Berkeley Community Center.

Metallica and Symphony: S&M2 is performing after 20 years

However, the S&M2 concert will conduct live performances of the orchestra’s arrangements for 20 years in addition to the original songs which were released during the original concert. Bruce Coughlin will perform the orchestral chart for the movie at New Chase Center.

"Metallica and Symphony: S&M2" reunites for 20th anniversary as well as a movie

The event is scheduled on September 6 whereas the movie releases on October 9
Credits: Metallica Official

Michael Thomas, a legendary conductor finishes his final season as a music director. The live album in 1999 made huge success worldwide. It was also the final album to feature James Newsted as their core bassist.

“Trafalgar Releasing” is giving opportunities to celebrate the concert in their nearest theatres. The “Metallica and Symphony: S&M2” will embark old memories after 20 years.

The collaboration changed the music industry

Two decades ago, the iconic collaboration became a true moment in music history. With the efforts of James Kamen this was possible and a live album for the band.

S&M2 will contain Metallica’s performance with additional symphony composed by Michael Thomas. And seeing them again reuniting will create special moment among the Metallica fans.

"Metallica and Symphony: S&M2" reunites for 20th anniversary as well as a movie

The album cover for the live album S&M
Credits: Loudwire

After this event, Trafalgar Releasing will work for other music projects too. They will release “Roger Waters + Them” and “Rush: Cinema Stangiato”. “Bring The Soul” a movie from the K-pop phenomenon BTS will also be released by Trafalgar. Thus, “Metallica and Symphony: S&M2” will truly touch hearts after the event starts and with the idea of releasing in theatres.

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