Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons: Josh Rosen throws 291 yards for the win

Josh Rosen throws 291 yards to help Miami defeat Atlanta

Miami Dolphins got over the line against Atlanta Falcons courtesy Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen got down and stood back up to throw multiple times helping Miami overcome the Falcons in their exhibition opener. This is the time to stake claim for starting XI amidst the pre-season exhibition NFL games.

Post Game Thread: The Miami Dolphins defeated The Atlanta Falcons 34-27 from falcons

Josh Rosen rose to the occasion on Thursday knowing this his chance to solidify his claim for a starter position. He directed three scoring drives over 60 yards in their 34-27 win against Falcons in what was a field day for the Dolphins quaterback.

Josh Rosen in competition for quarterback spot in Miami Dolphins

The game kept in balance as fortunes were dwindling up and down. Josh Rosen himself went 13 for 20 without touchdowns and one interception in the half he played. The Falcons reserves were all over Dolphins backup at one stage.

“That’s football,” Rosen said. “We’re all working on things. It’s a physical game.”

Josh Rosen is in direct competition for the quarterback spot with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick also had a good day helping Miami with a goal completing 2 of 5 passes.

Matt Schaub highlights the day for Atlanta Falcons

What Josh Rosen did for Dolphins, Schaub did for Atlanta. He threw 172 yards and got the team 4 scores in the first half itself.

“He really managed the game in the way we wanted,” coach Dan Quinn said. “He delivered the ball on time to the right guys.”

Schaub also had no turnovers or touchdowns as he went 12 for 19 in his quota. Falcons though continued the trend of losing exhibition games. Their losing streak is now 10 games on the trot dating back from 2017.

Josh Rosen throws 291 yards to help Miami Dolphins defeat Atlanta Falcons

Schaub had a good day in Falcons’ defeat. Image : NFL Trade Rumors

Matt Ryan, Falcons starting quarterback was not risked due to slippery field. The Falcons understandably chose to play safe with him with injuries just round the corner in NFL. Falcons were also happy with how Preston played throwing 72 yards and showcasing his prowess.

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