Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones Divorce Rumors: Marriage in Trouble for the Old Couple?


Despite such a significant difference in age, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have a successful marriage. The couple is one among the long-standing Hollywood couples.

Just like other couples, they have also faced difficulties along the way. In 2013, the two stayed separated for a few months. Since then, the couple has remarried and emerged even stronger. Regardless of it, we often get to hear about difficulties in their marriage and subsequently, these rumors get busted. Let’s find out if there is any truth in such claims this time.

Age Gap becoming an Issue for the Couple?

Last summer, we heard that the couple was getting divorced due to their age difference. It was reported that the actor was worried that his wife was too younger than him. Catherine is twenty five years younger than Michael. It was also said,

It’s an open secret they’ve had a rocky period recently and there’s growing talk that the age gap is starting to become an issue. There’s a lot of love there, but ultimately it’s going to take a big effort to get things back on track.

It was also contented that the actress was bored of Douglas. However, the actress had something different to say. She posted a picture having lunch with her loving husband on Instagram. Douglas didn’t look even a bit worried.

The Couple fixed their Marriage

Earlier this year, another source claimed that the couple was trying to fix their marriage. It was claimed that the actress wanted to fix the issues between the couple as they no longer had to care for Douglas’s father. It was quite insensitive to claim that the actress wanted to go to Italy for their “second honeymoon”. However, these rumors were busted when the actress told the truth.

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