Michael Schumacher Recovery and Current Health Status After F1 Accident

Michael schumacher

Michael Schumacher remains highly recognized in the Formula One Racing field. His name frequently pops up in discussions involving the greatest drivers in the world, but Daniel Ricciardo seems to disagree.

michael schumacher

Ricciardo: Schumacher not the fastest F1 driver

The 30 something years old Australian racing driver made it to the front page today after saying that “there is no such thing as a perfect driver.” He added the he disagrees with the claim of Michael Schumacher being the fastest driver of all time. In fact, he named 3 other drivers when Formula One Racing was mentioned during the discussion.

He stated that Michael’s tenacity and persistence are noteworthy, but he does not believe Michael Schumacher to be the fastest driver. He rationalized his comment by saying he does not believe that a perfect driver exists.

Michael Schumacher: Recovery and current health status

Michael had faced a health crisis following his accident in 2013. He is still believed to be bed-ridden as of today even after going through various treatments in France and Switzerland.

His family has refrained from discussing Michael’s health in public. However, Schumacher’s friends have made revelations about his health, and it is evident that Michael Schumacher is miles from full-recovery.

Michael Schumacher is currently convalescing at his Switzerland home. Despite using advanced treatment options, the former racing champion has not shown much recovery. He also underwent stem cell therapy back when he was in France.

Reports revealed that the doctor who was in charge of Schumi’s treatment was heard saying he could not perform a miracle. This statement suggests the failure of procedure on Schumi. His friends and family are persistently working towards helping Michael make a recovery. Meanwhile, Michael’s son Mich Schumacher is set to make his mark in the F1 racing world.

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