Micheal Schumacher’s health: F1 racer’s road to recovery after the skiing mishap

michael schumacher

Michael Schumacher was last seen in 2012 season end of Formula One. 2012 was not his first retirement, though. He first retired in 2006 and returned to Formula One racing in 2010.

In 2013, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton replaced Michael Schumacher after his 2nd retirement. Since the young racer has no alternative to quitting at the age of 43, he took Michael’s place at Mercedes.

How Schumi ended up in the hospital

Following his retirement Michael was rejoicing in the Alps until the heinous accident ruined his skiing ride. Michael crashed his head into a rock and fractured his skull even though he had a helmet on when he was skiing with his son in December of 2013.

The 7-time Formula One champion had to be transferred to Grenoble University Hospital after doctors recommended that his injuries require intensive care. Doctors had to put him in a medically induced coma to ensure his survival. After this incident, he has not made any public appearances.

Tough times for Schumi

On January 1, 2014 doctors expressed relief over Michael’s improving condition. This was 2 days after the accident. However, doctors also cautioned that complications may still arise.

michael schumacher

Schumacher was kept in a coma for 6 months as reported by Metro. Rumors of his death also surfaced but the hospital issued a clarification in February that the information is untrue. Colin Shieff, a London based neurosurgeon stated that it is unlikely Michael will make a full recovery.

A doctor in March 2014 said that the car racer’s condition is steadily improving. In order to be closer to home, Michael was transferred to the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland. His wife Corinna was overjoyed when Michael responded to her voice in July.

Michael made it home only in September but his pal Jean Todt, FIA president said that Michael is still fighting.

What’s really going on with Schumi’s health

The F1 racer’s family seldom comments about his recovery progress but in 2018 Corrina expressed that Michael is a fighter and will not give up. Next year, Todt was heard saying that Michael’s health is improving.

However, regardless of these reports it seems unlikely that the F1 champion will make full recovery because of excessive exposure to medication during the past couple of years as reported by UK’s The Daily Mail.


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