Microsoft patent suggests Surface Pen OLED Touch Bar Hardware

Microsoft Patent Suggests Surface Pen OLED Touch Bar Hardware-vcadj

According to a newly published application, Microsoft has patented a stylus with OLED touch bar panel for its surface pen for the surface and surface pro devices.

Though the patent is recently published, it was originally filed back in 2017. The diagram in the application shows the Surface Pen with a rectangular screen on it. This rectangular screen is not just for show or display. It is a touch screen that comes with several functionalities.

Microsoft Patent Suggests Surface Pen OLED Touch Bar Hardware-h

Previous versions of surface pens

This new prototype of Surface pen shares some obvious similarities with the Apple MacBook Pro’s Touch bar. This must be Microsoft’s attempt to sustain the competition from MacBook Pro. It’s new and sleek design as a part of an essential creative accessory like surface pen opens a lot of doors for fertile ground for innovative applications.

Microsoft Surface Pen OLED Touch Bar: Useful in Adobe Photoshop?

Sources are suggesting that this design especially comes handy when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and similar platforms. The touch bar enables users to change their stroke styles or brushes by just tapping on the screen.

This hack can increase efficiency and relieves the users from the hassle of changing stroke styles and brushes manually. As the previous patent whisperings suggested, An OLED display may also contain a scroll wheel. But it was nowhere found in the application for the patent.

Ability to erase with the pen?

Microsoft Patent Suggests Surface Pen OLED Touch Bar Hardware-fwbjh

Patent application

This new model of the surface pen have the chances to come up with the ability to erase with the pen. In the earlier versions, the users had to turn over their surface pens breaking their workflow to erase the content.

If the sources are to be trusted, the new surface pen is coming up with the ability to erase with the pen without turning it over i.e., in the default tip to screen position only. So that the users can draw over the content they want to erase by simply toggling on the touch screen to switch to erase mode.

Microsoft may unveil the new Surface pen alongside the Surface Pro 7 which may release in this October.

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