Xbox One 2019: Microsoft releases its new gaming console with new features

Microsoft releases its new Gaming Consoles with new Features

Microsoft is planning to release a new console for video gaming, the Xbox One 2019. It is the current generation device but a different version of the Xbox One. This new version, Xbox One 2019 will look like the one introduced in 2017 but will be slimmer. However, there is one big difference that is that the new device will not be having a disc drive. It will depend on the games that the gamers download from the games store online.

Microsoft releases the new Xbox One 2019 with new Features

Microsoft is planning to release a new gaming console for the players

17 years back, when Xbox was first announced by Microsoft, lovers of video games weren’t too happy. They were feeling some kind of problem with the new console. As the developers could have prevented the users from playing the games offline and installing them more than once.

This all will prevent the purchasers from lending or reselling of the physical games any more. So as Microsoft rolled back some of its plans and fans were angry about that.

Xbox One 2019: What do the reports say

The physical games discs are losing ground to their digital equivalency. According to the reports of 2018, digital games sales jumped 17% every year globally. 80% of all revenues of video games are digital now in the U.K. It could be predicted that in near future, gamers will buy video games on a physical object and discs drives were not be an option anymore on the next Xbox generation.

Microsoft releases its new Gaming Consoles with new Features

Microsoft and Sony will be working together for new versions of consoles

Microsoft and Sony are planning to release more impressive consoles(long and big as always needed) that would lack much hardware including disc drives, but the cost would also be low comparatively.

Instead, Xbox One 2019 will lack disc drives, however, it will include plenty of memory (RAM), a graphics processing unit (GPU) and a long term storage memory in the form of a hard drive that will have a capacity of 1 Terabyte.

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