Microsoft Surface Duo Release Date and Sales to be affected by CoVid-19


The ongoing pandemic has hit every industry hard to such an extent that even Tech giants like Microsoft could not remain unaffected. So much so that Microsoft was forced to delay the launch of Windows 10X.


This made people apprehended that the launch of Microsoft Surface Duo would be equally affected. But that does not seem to be the case with the new dual screen Microsoft Surface Duo. To everyone’s surprise according to the new leaked information Microsoft Surface Duo might hit the markets way before it was supposed to.

Launch: According to one of the latest tweets of Senior Editor Windows Central, Zac Bowden the Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to be launched before Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be launched on August 5, 2020. This only means one thing for tech-lovers that Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to be launched in less than 2 months.


Features and Supporters: Although Microsoft has been hush-hush about most of the details regarding the device but the first of Microsoft dual display device is expected to have two screens of 5.60-inch display. The device will have Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM and 64 GB and 356 GB storage capacity. The device is also expected to have 3460 mAh battery which could easily get its user through the day. The dual screen device would have a single right screened camera of 11 MP also supporting a Surface Pen.

Market Pricing: The device is expected to cost its customers somewhere between 1200$ to 1500$ but considering features like single camera speculations are somewhere around the lower end. Considering Microsoft not trying to sell it as just a Smartphone but more, the prices may go even higher which might make the device to not be considered under mid-range gadgets.

Microsoft has not closed the window to alter its launch date, so it is easy to say that the tech lovers have to wait for an official statement from Microsoft. The Microsoft has been trying its best to not gather market for the device as a smartphone but considering the features it is difficult not to do so. Considering the speculations device like Microsoft Surface Duo definitely seems like one to wait for.

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