Microsoft Windows 10 Update: Users complain about System Restore Problem


Not many users were satisfied with the Microsoft Windows 10 update that came in October 2018. This is because many users were experiencing some problem with the System Restore Feature even after Microsoft Windows 10 update.

Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Microsoft users having a problem during the system restore process

What is a System Restore Problem?

Consider, you created a System Restore point marked for say 15th May and then keep on doing your work as usual. But later you install another Windows 10 update. And for any reason, you want to go back to the restore point that is 15th May.

But at this point, many users faced a problem. With a Stop error (0xc000021a) it says that the save-restore point can’t be recovered. To this Microsoft responded by saying.

Windows temporarily stages the restoration of files that are in use during the system restore process. The information is further saved in the registry. The stagin operation is completed when the system restarts.

Windows then resotres the catalog files and then the driver .sys files are staged.

However, once the computer restarts then the existing drivers are loaded by windows before it restores the latest version of drviers.

And since the version of drivers do not match with the restored ones the process stops.

Follow the instructions below to solve the problem

Microsoft Windows 10 Update: Solving the problem

Well, if you find such an error during the System Restore Process then all you need do to is enter into the Windows Recovery Environment. Then navigate to Troubleshoot then advanced options. You will see More Recovery options. Go to Startup Settings and click on Restart now.

There you can disable the driver signature enforcement. After doing all these steps you might be able to restart your Windows 10 normally.

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