Microsoft Xbox Series X Price Makes Gets New Twist After Xbox Series S/Lockhart Leaked Document


A formal Microsoft document leaked about a new and more affordable version of the superior Xbox Series X to be launched. Reportedly, the gaming console might be less powerful and it will be rolled out as Xbox Series S or the Lockhart. It is rumored for a few months now and will be presented soon.


Proofs Of A New Xbox Series S Or Lockhart

A data minor under the username XB1_HexDecimal took it to Twitter to post some screenshots referring to the new Xbox Series S or Lockhart. The screenshots were from patch notes from a recent Microsoft Game Development kit. Lockhart Profiling and Anaconda Profiling are mentioned for the Dev Kits of Xbox Scarlett in the release notes, June.

Another reference comes up with a typo which says Lockhard. The language in the update is correct, as verified by Windows Central. Laptop Mag assumes that Lockhart Profiling refers to the limited memory available on the Xbox Series S or Lockhart against the Xbox Series X which is the Anaconda Profiling.

Lockhart At A Much Affordable Price

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything about the Lockhart. Although, some rumors about the Xbox Series S’s specifications have been floated around. It is claimed to have a capability of 4 TF compared to 12 TF power of the Xbox Series X, being restricted to 1080p but at a much reasonable price.

An interesting rumor has been in the news that the price of the Lockhart will be almost half of the X Series. The Redmond-based tech hulk could use such a strategy to penetrate the market easily. The losses will then be covered through Game Pass subscription charges and digital sales.

No official announcement is out yet even though we have insights from an official document which makes it believable about the launch or the existence of the Xbox Lockhart.

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