One Man Punch Workout Challenge: The unbelievable body transformation


Recently a video of a 38-year-old Sean Seah from Singapore has crazily gone viral on the internet. Inspired by Saitama, he decided to follow the same workout routine. Within 60 days, he shredded 5 kilos of weight. Netizens have appreciated his hard work.

Who is Saitama?

He is the main protagonist of popular anime show “One-Punch Man”. The character has a daily workout routine which helps him to get superhuman strength. He does 100 push-ups, a 10k-run, 100 sit-ups as well as 100 squats. This is impossible for an individual. But Sean did it what others found difficult to do. His hard work really paid and we can literally see the results.

Middle-Aged-Guy Trained Like Saitama For 60 Days

One Punch Man workout challenge

Lately, his transformation has gathered good reviews from the netizens. However, some are trolling him and some are shocked on the internet. People who aren’t the fans of this character may have heard about this tough routine from their friends. Well, Sean has bravely taken the challenge and displayed the outstanding result to the world.

Well, this man from Singapore bravely took on the challenge. 60 days later, he’s got the astounding results to show for it. He decides to get back his body in shape after the Chinese New Year celebrations. With determination, he took the challenge and filmed every day to see the results.

His routine video has crossed more than 232,000 views! He started his workout at Level 5 that includes 50 push-ups, a 5km run, 50 sit-ups, and 50 squats. Within a week, he lost 2.8kg which is a quite eyebrow-raising thing. His body began to transform after 17 days which is unbelievable.

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