Mila Kunis Baby Rumors: Ashton Kutcher wants a Third Baby to Fix their Broken Marriage

Mila Kunis Baby Rumors: Ashton Kutcher wants a Third Baby to Fix their Broken Marriage

Mila Kunis having a third baby are the rumors that are currently spreading among the tabloids and gossip columns. Mil and Ashton already have two kids and there are now reports claiming that the couple is planning for a third baby. As per the ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine reports, Kunis was recently seen in Los Angeles with a baby bump.

The source adds that Mila is pregnant after the lockdown and it was the only solution to fix their marriage issues. The couple had a lot of fights in the quarantine and a third baby will fix everything and save their marriage. Here is more on the rumors of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher having a third baby to save their broken marriage.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher wants a Third Baby to Fix Marriage

Mila Kunis always wanted a third baby but it was hard to convince Ashton Kutcher for the same. It seems that the quarantine time was enough for the couple to talk things out and they mutually decided to have a third baby so that all their arguments can end. Kutcher was also fed up with the daily fights and thought that it would make him feel better and the joy of welcoming another child into their family would fix everything broken in their marriage.

Mila Kunis Baby Rumors and Real Truth

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher having third baby rumors are totally fake and have been debunked already. First of all, there are no issues in their marriage and hence the couple doesn’t need another baby to fix it.

Also, Mila has made it clear that they are happy with two kids and have no plans for having another baby. It has been a few months since the report came out and Kunis has not delivered anything nor does she have a baby bump, so we can say that it was fake news and fans should not believe in such rumors.

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