Miley Cyrus faces strong backlash on “Abortion is Healthcare”

Miley Cyrus faces strong backlash: know full story here

Tuesday was a big day for actor-singer Miley Cyrus and her community group, Happy Hippie Foundation. Miley tied-up with the fashion designer to promote the right of abortion through her raunchy images on sweatshirts, made for sale.

Miley Cyrus faces backlash

Miley Cyrus faces strong backlash for her raunchy images on Marc Jacob sweatshirts

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In one of the picture, Miley Cyrus is seen covering her nipples through peeled grapefruits in a topless photo. Meanwhile, the image is splattered over the Marc Jacobs hoodie, with a short text of “Don’t f**k with my freedom.”

You could say, Miley Cyrus has stretched the issue of human rights in a slightly meaner way.

It is reported that the profit generated will directly move to accounts of Planned Parenthood, an organization that plainly gets abortions done in range of 320,000 a year.

While, in another photo, Miley Cyrus is erotically licking off a cake, with the logo, “Abortion is healthcare.”

The bigger the cause, the harsher the criticisms!

Miley Cyrus faces strong backlash for her raunchy images on Marc Jacob sweatshirts

Picture- Getty Images

The farcical pictures not only parked trolls on social media but Cyrus faced some serious allegations of plagiarizing from a fellow feminist.

An area baker, Rea- Holloway who goes by name, “the sweet feminist” on social media accused Cyrus and company on stealing the design of her cake.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus apologized for the inconvenience made to the baker. She further praised the author for being an “inspiration” to their team.

Miley Cyrus responded to the baker by saying that they didn’t realize the work was hers. She promised to give her the necessary tags and credits for her work on social media. Cyrus further requested the Instagrammer to make amends in her post as the allegations were seeking bad publicity for the singer.

Her troubles didn’t stop here. She faced a whale of backlash from her followers on social media. Miley Cyrus personally responded to some of the comments that seem to be morally unethical.

Despite the efforts made by celebrities and push-backs by activists, the passing of Heartbeat Bills has led to a scummy storm. The protests are going in vain to uplift the ban on abortions. But the lawmakers are not giving a damn on what the commoners want.

Even after a rough backlash, the governor of Louisiana have signed anti-abortion legislation to law.

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