Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Updates: Everything you need to know about their break up


Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’s relationship came to a depressed end when the two decided to separate their ways. After their sad split the two moved on to new partners.

It has been a year when the two announced their split on social media. Since then Miley Cyrus started dating Cody Simpson which also lasted for a year.

Is Miley and Liam back together in relationship?


Last year, a source claimed that Miley was keen to get back with Liam Hemsworth. The source added that the singer missed her a lot and wanted to reunite with the star.

An insider claimed that Miley regrets the things that went wrong in their relationship, she wnt to give their marriage a second chance.

Is miley really obsessed with Liam Hemsworth?

Earlier this year, a source claimed that Cyrus is obsessed with Liam Hemsworth. The source also adde that that the star is still stuck with his ex-husband, she was unhappy in her relationship with Cody Simpson.

A unnamed source contended

she’s not fooling anyone with these PDAs and pnony social media posts, which always come right after Liam’s been in the news.

Miley Cyrus  reported saying she feel very confortable after her divorce was finalized with Liam Hemsworth. That contradicts the claims made the unreliable sources.

Is Cyrus out for Liam’s blood?

The unreliable sources now claimed that Miley was writing a tell-all about Liam Hemsworth. The source said the singer hasn’t done making Hemsworth life miserable and was working on a scandalous sketch about her relationship with him.

Later, the claim was busted by the reputed source and was assured that it has nothing true in it.

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