Miley Cyrus opens up about why she does not want kids

Miley Cyrus doesn't want kids because 'they can't handle the earth'

It seems that Miley Cyrus’ philanthropy has reached the highest levels. Miley Cyrus has always been popular for bringing up unwanted criticisms, but this time the matter looks pretty grave yet scarcely credible.

 Miley Cyrus’s recent interview points up to global climate crisis

In her recent interview, Miley Cyrus has vowed to not bear kids until the earth’s foreseen climate issues are resolved. Earth’s been dwelling in crisis, for some years. With melting of polar caps and ozone layer depletion, the Earth has been more of an ailing planet now.

Miley Cyrus doesn't want kids because 'they can't handle the earth'

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She then went on to reprehend humans for treating nature badly, since ages. Cyrus further hinted at Los Angeles wildfires and how it has put our future in danger.

Because nature’s female. And when she’s angry, don’t f*** with her. That’s what women are like this time. Earth is angry.

Although, I might not back Miley Cyrus’ life decisions. But her intentions have not been more truer. The earth is howling. The earth is hinting at a greater disaster. But we as humans have never been irresponsible, as we are right now.

We have treated the earth as same as we treat women. We just take and then take more and expect them to keep producing. We get exhausted and same does Earth. We have made our place, a piece-of-shit planet, and I don’t really want to hand that down to my child. Until I feel my kids will feel fishes in the water, I’m not bringing them to deal with that.

That’s how a feminist rolls everything with women and their issues. Cheers, Cyrus. Miley Cyrus has been very active about global crisis for years. She even addressed a profanity-speech on climate crisis at Tinderbox musical festival in June.

Miley Cyrus and her recent campaigns

Furthermore, the singer-actress briefed her views on country’s politics an her recent partnership with Planned Parenthood.

Miley Cyrus has openly supported campaigns for child abortions, after Alabama criminalized women’s abortion rights.

Miley Cyrus has been featured on Parenthood’s profit-tees and hoodies, that read:

 Don’t fuck with my freedom.

You may purchase the hoodie from the official website at $175.

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