Mindhunter Season 3: Netflix Crime Show to Return with 2021 Release Date

Mindhunter Season 3 Rumors Will Netflix Renew the Series or it will be Canceled

Mindhunter Season 3 on Netflix is not coming anytime soon and it has led to fans believing that the show has been canceled. However, the future of this criminal psychology series based on the ‘Mindhunter’ book is still uncertain as the executive producer and creator David Fincher is working on other projects.

Netflix has released the actors who have been part of Mindhunter’s previous season from their contract, but it doesn’t mean that there can’t be future negotiations. Mindhunter Season 3 production is stopped or for the better word put on hold, the chances of whether Netflix renews or cancels the show are still fifty-fifty.

Mindhunter Season 3 Rumors and News

Mindhunter Season 3 Rumors and News

Mindhunter Season 2 came out in August 2019 and got a lot of critical acclaim and fans loved the show for its brilliant plot. It led everyone to believe that Mindhunter season 3 will come out soon. But the show has been based on real-life events depicted in the book, meaning it won’t have multiple seasons. But there are still enough stories left that could be adapted into another Mindhunter season.

As of right now, the streaming service is not working on the third season of Mindhunter and the rumors about the show getting canceled started when Netflix released the cast members from their contracts. David Fincher is apparently working on Netflix’s original film called ‘Mank’ and second season of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’ show which will come out before the end of 2020. There are chances that once Fincher is free from other projects he may start working on Mindhunter season 3 in 2021.

Mindhunter Season 3 Cast Contracts Released from Netflix

Mindhunter Season 3 Cast Contracts Released from Netflix

Netflix released the main actors from Mindhunter including Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv, and Holt McCallany, However, there is no clause which says that the cast member can’t come back and the contract release is barely a move to give the actors freedom to work on other projects until Mindhunter Season 3 is on hold. Once the show returns on track, Fincher and other cast members will return to work on season 3 of Mindhunter.

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